Ready or Not Tea Party

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Death Over Tea?

In 2014, I began offering Death Cafes in Renfrew County. At a Death Cafe people drink tea/ coffee, eat cake/ muffins and discuss death. The aim is to increase awareness of death to help people make the most of their (finite) lives. The Death Cafe model doesn’t include having specific topics, set questions and (in particular) guest speakers. This is an organic, group- directed session offering participants time to reflect on and share what they think is important. 

 In 2024, I want to do something different. As more and more people are interested in the topic of dying and death, I wanted to provide a space where questions could be asked to a professional (me!) while also encouraging and promoting the organic discussions among healthy mortals that death cafes are known for. The Ready or Not Tea Party is like a Death Cafe yet so much more! 


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Since 2020 and all that entailed (i.e. the plague), I had to put this offering on hold although did manage the odd virtual session. I am pleased to, once again, offer in-person Ready or Not Tea Parties in Renfrew County. Not only will I be hosting my own tea parties throughout the year, there will be an opportunity for YOU to host the travelling Ready or Not Tea Party where I can set up in your space, clinic, home or business. Everything will be provided by me. Get in touch and I will happily share all the details.


Ready or Not Tea Parties Are Offered…

  • To ALL humans who plan to die someday (that’s all of you!)
  • In an accessible, inclusive, respectful and confidential space
  • With no intention of leading people to any conclusion, service, belief system or course of action (all beliefs, views, opinions, reflections are welcome and encouraged!)
  • Alongside tea, coffee, CAKE or muffins (if it is a morning event)

Most of all, it is a warm and welcoming space and there are always gluten-free and dairy free options at my tea parties. Bring a friend and experience something different and new! Ready or Not Tea Parties are offered several times per year in Renfrew County. 

“The conversation flowed freely with the kind of discussion that occurs when people really listen to each other. Although it is a serious topic, we laughed and shared funny anecdotes and sober thoughts, knowing that the things we shared would stay within the group. The 2 ½ hours passed so quickly that we ended up chatting for another ½ hour. I highly recommend this opportunity to anyone who enjoys interesting conversation that is open and comfortable……often not the case when talking about death. Try it out~ you will be pleasantly surprised at what you might learn.”

~ Bonny Johnson, Tea Party Attendee

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