Community & Healing

In Renfrew County


As much as we would like to think we have control over what happens, the truth is, life will unfold in such a way that there will be incredible moments that take your breath away and there will be moments of darkness that will challenge every part of you. Although ceremonies are most often created to honour an individual, couple or family, ceremony can be a powerful tool in gathering a community together in times of tragedy. 



When terrible, inexplicable things occur they not only affect individual members of a community, they affect the entire community as a whole. Each person will process and react to the event in a very unique way. They can feel very isolated and may question why they are responding the way they are. Creating a space for people to gather together to share in their shock and grief can prevent isolation and foster a sense of connection.

How I Can Support You

Knowing that loss can impact not only individuals and families but also communities, organizations and work places, I am available to custom create educational sessions, ceremonies or grief circles to help communities and workplaces navigate the grief that comes with loss. Devastating loss impacts our ability to perform our duties in a professional capacity. Supporting your employees as they navigate loss can go a long way in creating healthy work environments.  

“When tragic events happen in a community many, many feelings arise. Everyone has ideas about how to make sense of what has happened and recipes for healing, often by coming together in solidarity. So often, no one is able to think clearly about how to shape the gathering so that it flows smoothly. This is where Julie shines. Using her intuition and experience, she creates a meaningful ceremony that encompasses ritual, music, and beautiful words that touches everyone. Julie helps translate all the raw emotion into a beautiful, respectful honouring! Thanks, Julie, for all you have done and continue to do in Renfrew County.”

~ Jo Brooks, Director of the Women’s Sexual Assault Centre of Renfrew County